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One Vision different positions

One Vision, Different Positions! Know your role or cause division!

Our structure

My husband is the leader in our home, in our relationship, and business ventures. He is the visionary leader. This structure is very important and is the key to our success in our marriage, in our businesses and managing our home to avoid depression, confusion and uncertainty. We all have a role to play and a position to lead but ultimately it must be only ONE vision fueling the mission. I too contribute to new ideas and give feedback as my husband and I brainstorm. Our roles are clear and I specifically know when and how I contribute to the vision that my husband sets forth through communication. The command structure of a company is to only have one Commander in Chief, in our case, my husband takes that position.

A visionary leader

A visionary leader is inspiring in vision, and helps others to see how they can contribute to this vision; allowing the leader and followers to move together towards a shared view of the future. See, by definition, a visionary leader is not about self gain. The leader is all about moving forward together in consideration of all parties involved.

Brainstorm together

Let’s be clear, this concept of having “One Vision Different Positions” is not applicable to the husband that does not value the input of his wife. Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Will Smith are prime examples of successful men that admit to feedback and involvement from their wife as having a direct correlation to their level of success. A man with vision understands the value of his wife. They know that their wife is the helpmate and appreciates her role. A man with vision admits to not knowing it all and finds strength, in his wife, in areas he lacks. A true leader understands that there are benefits by way of valuing the opinion of his main confidante; his wife.

“Di”vision = “Di”vorce

Having more than one Vision in a home can lead to “Di-VISION”. “DI,” meaning two. And having two different visions in a home will lead to Divorce. Not being on the same page in your marriage and the direction it’s headed is having two different visions. Not being able to agree on the culture of your home or how you treat each other is having two different visions. The “tug a war” of power between the two of you is having two different visions. The goal is to build your relationship on solid grounds with only ONE VISION. Accepting that the visionary leader is the ultimate decision maker.

The purpose of a wife

Can the wife have purpose? Yes, of course! The mission will be more successful if the wife aligns her purpose within the vision. For example, my husband’s vision for us is to be an exemplary form of success for future generations. My ideas and purpose help aid that goal. Case and point this blog, which allows me to have my own purpose within the vision. This gives me my own identity and personal goals to accomplish.

Know your role

Roles and expectations should be delineated to provide clarity on who will execute what in order to avoid confusion and redundancy. Knowing your role is how power couples build. Avoid the struggle of power between each other and in the relationship. Instead of power struggles, be a power couple that predicates on strengths, ready and willing to conquer the world all while fulfilling a common purpose. You should agree on a vision and execute. The best way to gain understanding on what the two of you would like to accomplish is to create a road map with one destination or in this case, one vision. Having a common vision does not mean you execute the same way. To the contrary, the two of you should decide positions predicated on your strengths and weaknesses or what decisions make the most sense to sustain the vision and execute with a purpose. You will now operate under one vision but there are different roles to play on the team. You may be strong with administration and finances and your partner may be great with creating the different streams of income to sustain the vision. Either way, both strengths fuel the one vision while you both contribute to different positions.

What vision?

In order to create one vision you must first put it all on the table, your strength, your weaknesses, your dreams, what life events have brought you both to this point and build the vision together from there. Vision is the key to your life and gives your relationship meaning. Vision is the capacity to see further than your eyes can look. You see with your heart and manage with your thoughts. This is why the man is the visionary leader, usually the one that is more logical and less emotional of the two in the relationship. It’s the role of the man to make a vision the common vision. The source of vision is inspiration. You must be aware of your passions to be inspired and birth your vision.

Programming yourself to think and breathe the vision brings your relationship to a new level of intimacy. When you become your husband’s biggest cheerleader, you become innovative, overcoming obstacles and craving new levels of success. Making power couple moves!

My blessing

I’ve been blessed to marry a great man with an optimum vision…..a man that sees by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). I understand that his level of “vision” is a gift.

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