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Trust the God in him

Many of my followers asks questions about both my delivery with my husband and my exchange with him. This video provides an explanation as to how we have been able to survive life’s quests and the level of reverence to have towards each other. I discovered early on in my relationship with Demetrius that in order for me to trust him, I needed to be certain I was not taking his own advice. I needed to be convinced that his loyalty to and faith in God resides in him. Ultimately, when I say “trust the God in him” I am speaking of the knowing that your partner is not operating in silos. I’m speaking to the trust you embedded in your partner because you know the direction comes from a place of faith and a higher being. In short, Demetrius and I do not make decisions based on what we feel we know but the path that we entrust God to pave for us. Sharing commonalities in your spiritual journey is key to a successful and peaceful relationship. This extends beyond marriage but with family and friends, alike.

Trust in HIM/ the Lord & he/ your partner will manifest his ways!


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