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Diastasis Recti - Why I had to do it!

Mommy Tummy referred to as a woman’s stomach after giving birth, can be caused by a condition called diastasis recti. Unfortunately, diastasis recti is a subject that is not discussed as often as I believe it should.

Why did I decide to take this subject to my blog? Honestly, I have been extremely frustrated with my workout routine and results. Consistent back pain and doctors orders to stop working on my abs!

Before giving birth to my two beautiful children my stomach was completely flat. I have always been thin with a fast metabolism. I knew I would have my work cut out for me if I wanted my pre-pregnancy body back, post pregnancy! As a result, I worked out consistently and diligently. After only 6 month’s post- pregnancy, I lost all my baby weight which translated into over 40 pounds. Shortly after, I realized that my stomach was not taking the shape it usually would. Comparing my workout routine before and after my pregnancies, there should be no reason why my stomach was still bulging out. My eating habits have always been great and I only drink water. I knew something had to be wrong.

Post pregnancy and while my menstrual cycle is on, I look 3 months pregnant, but after two days my stomach is flat again. Ha! Frustrated and confusion could not begin to describe how I feel.

A few months after having IIID, now two years old, I had a routine visit with my primary care physician, he asked general health questions about the pregnancy and how I was feeling being a new mom of two.

We skipped the post-partum depression topic and I jumped right into it. I began to explain my feelings of frustrations and physical discomfort about my stomach and back. The doctor nonchalantly mentioned diastasis recti, as if, I should have already been aware of this condition. Luckily, I had mastered the art of “Google Search.” One slight mention of the name was enough for me to be made aware that my abs were separated now………awwww the joys of child birthing!

This explained why the planks at the gym were not changing the way my belly would hang and why it still looked like a cone head. The doctor advised that I stop doing ab workouts immediately because it’s making the condition worst. Finally medical advise against exercising; how golden! I have since come to find out what was bulging out were my organs. Since my abs are now separated, I no longer have walls to keep my organs inside and in its place. Talk about me being all over the place, internally. My abs will never show through regardless of how hard I work out. Then it hit me, that most medical professionals are not aware of this condition, therefore, I could not expect them to have educated me any earlier. I took my doctors advice and started on my quest for the truth.

After extensive research here is what I found:

Physical therapy and surgery are my only options to correct this condition. My condition is so severe that at this point physical therapy will cause more damage than help. Leaving surgery as the only option to correct the condition.

My health reasons for surgery:


Lower back pains

Pelvic floor dysfunctions

Harder to move normally

Abdominal discomfort

Diastasis recti is commonly defined as a gap of roughly 2.7 cm or greater between the two sides of the rectus abdominis muscle. My gap is over 2-3 inches.

For me, it’s extremely important to share my journey pre and post-surgery. I encourage healthy dating and marriage tips on my blog. Like, The 12 commandants for Power Couples and how to Stop Competing and Be a Team. But I understand that loving someone else right must start with loving yourself first. Feeling good and confident about yourself can have a positive impact on your relationship. And if my journey can help you mend some insecurities and health issues that can be corrected, then I am here to offer you my full support.

It’s hard enough being a wife, mom, entrepreneur and career driven. Nonetheless, we must not forget that we must do for ourselves first and be healthy, happy and secure before we can set the culture of a healthy and structured family. Feeling sexy for your husband is also part of that structure. Your man needs you to be his EVERYTHING.

I’m doing this surgery for me, for health reasons and to get back to my daily routine. My husband needs me, my family needs me, I need ME!

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