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The 12 Commandments for Power Couples

The 12 Commandments for Power Couples - Best Practices to Becoming a Power Couple in 2017

To reach #powercouple status—and consider yourselves in the company of great power couples like Jay-Z and Beyoncé —you’ve got to be more than just cute, rich, and happy. You’ve got to be so amazing together, you could rule the world. Here are The 12 Commandments for Power Couples- Best Practices to Becoming a Power Couple in 2017. Following these commandments will ensure you will dominate together. Join the 30 day challenge with other like-minded couples.

"Power couples are two people who are equally as cool as the other. Individually awesome, fun, good looking, optimistic, who spark a light in the world that people recognize that goes beyond a normal relationship. Neither one depends on the other for their feelings of self-worth. They know they are just as valuable to the world as the other. If one person is flawed, the other makes up for their weakness in strength. Together they are the epitome of what anyone would desire in a relationship. They encourage goodness in the world and make it a better place by being together."

1. Know your role: Knowing your purpose in life gives you a vision. You know exactly how to contribute in your relationship and in society. Your role is clear. Your plans on dominating and how you’re going to change the world is your lifestyle. As a couple, there is nothing more in-sync than your mission in life. Your relationship is content because no one else can play the supporting role to your duo like you can.

2. Be a team: Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Brainstorm and set goals together. Be a team of two that’s striving to achieve meaningful goals that matter to both of you. Brainstorm ideas and feed off each other's ideas. Receive and apply feedback. Trust in your partner's input. By setting goals and brainstorming together you’ll be growing together and aligning your vision.

3. Self-contentment is not an option: Always work on being a better you. Wanting to be better is a mindset that power couples share in common. Constantly working on you as an individual and as a couple. This practice creates an environment for growth and changes all while avoiding being stagnate.

4. Forgive and let go: Understand that no relationship is perfect. Flaws are inevitable. To that end, be ok with your partner making mistakes and not being perfect. Mistakes give room for growth as they can serve as learning lessons. See the blessing in the flaws, not the burden. A power couple creates an opportunity within the mistake and unites it to the purpose.

5. Fight for what is right not for who is right: Power couples do not compete with each other. They create solutions as a team, not vengeance. There’s never a question of who has more control. Rather, there is compromise and willingness to resolve. This peaceful partnership is built on the solid vision of purpose that no disagreement cannot be resolved.

6. Support each other as an individual: Although when thinking of one you inevitably think of the other, understand that each person has an individual purpose within the vision. One vision - different positions. They have their own interests and passions. This self-mission is well supported and encouraged by the other partner.

7. Space: A power couple is secure within their relationship, as well as secure within themselves. The value in having their own space is understood. Having space creates an opportunity to refresh and refocus on the self-mission. A power couple is often together but allowing space will cement their self-worth.

8. Compromise on scheduling: Space is necessary, but every power couple appreciates the time they get to spend with the other. They manipulate their schedules to allow for quality time. Power couples find a way to travel or work together on the same projects to dominate as one.

9. Similar values and goals: It’s easier to build on one foundation than two. Having similarities is what separates an ordinary couple from a power couple. Having similar interests, values and goals make it easier to dominate as one so there is no friction when achieving the mission. When you understand the purpose you don’t second guess the intentions.

10. Weekly date night: Romance is a must! Spending time with each other away from the stresses of dominating the world is important. After all, you are a power couple that requires love and affection. Date nights serve the purpose of reigniting the love you have for each other. Affirmations are reminded and love reaffirmed while cuddling. Power couples keep the love alive.

11. Like-minded couples: Iron sharpens iron. You will always see power couples surrounded by other like-minded power couples. They understand how important it is to create an environment that fuels their purpose and mission in life. They spend their time with couples that have their answers, not their problems. As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather, flock together"!

12. Communication: Power couples communicate differently. They communicate with a purpose, respect feedback and encourage change. Their goal is to solve problems, not park them. Power couples know when and how to communicate about a particular topic. They know how to control their emotions to deliver their message effectively. In its totality, power couples understand that communication is not a tool for causing more damage but instead a mechanism used to invoke positive change and be part of the solution.


Even if you are not married yet, you may have future plans to become a power couple to take over the world together. You can build your empire on a solid foundation by following these 12 Commandments. Keep it sexy by effectively communicating, sharing common interest, building together and staying committed to the vision. Your relationship and empire will not fail. Most importantly, keep God first! Join the 30 day challenge with other like-minded couples.

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