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The pressure...It's worth it!

Ahhhhhhhhhh....when you just want to scream from the top of your lungs! Being a wife, mother and entrepreneur it can get overwhelming at times. You just want to shut down and lock yourself in a room and throw away the key! lol. But the spirit of a serial entrepreneur does not allow you to give up. You may yell, cry and even punch a wall but giving up is not an option. Not completing what you started is simply out of the question.

First and foremost, being a wife is top priority. Marrying your bestfriend is the best accomplishment. But this is far the most difficult assignment. You are required to please your partner under any and all circumstances. The same partner that refuses to take out the trash the night before trash day. Still has the same painting on the floor waiting to be displayed on the wall for the last 2 years. But your assignment as a wife must be on full throttle regardless of the ongoing flaws demonstrated by your partner. Let's face it, your partner is much happier when your playing your role to their satisfaction. And when your partner is happy you are at your happiest. The love and respect you have for one another makes the role of a wife a lot easier when you stay in position regardless of the opposition. When the vision is clear and you and your partner have a plan you don't give up on each other.

Being a mom is the most precious assignment yet! You've been blessed to mold a human being's future to the best of your ability. But this assignment comes with great pressure. The pressures of being the perfect mom. Not to disappoint your children, your partner and yourself along the way. The pressures of being present but not being a crutch. Promoting independence but not letting them grow up too fast. We're blessed to be in a position to correct our parents wrongs. To put an end to generational curses and begin beautiful and impactful traditions. THE PRESSURE!!!

As an entrepreneur there is a combination of all the above. Its a priority because its how you feed your family. Its a blessing to be in a position of vision and purpose. And its the pressure of staying ahead of your industry and staying relevant.

This is our everyday life. It's a beautiful one that requires support, self-love and most importantly vision. Vision because the pressure of our daily assignments is easily a reason to give up. But when you know where you're heading and what is required of you to get there; there is no obstacle hard enough that can stop your journey. Keep pushing. Keep Loving and most importantly Keep God first in ALL!

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