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Let's Communicate!

There is nothing worse than wanting to vent and your partner is uninterested. Not listening and rather be doing something else with their time. My husband and I often advise couples to take the "right" time to discuss what is on their mind. Discussing your concerns during the heat of an argument is not considered the "Right" time. Someone will say something that they wish they could take back. If your goal is to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings with your partner, no need to pierce a heart with words.

Communication is about exchanging information, thoughts, feelings, and opinions but it takes two to communicate. If your partner is uninterested... STOP. It will not be effective to continue expressing your thoughts if it’s falling on deaf ears. If it's not that important than move on. But if the concern is dear to your heart then try to revisit the conversation at a later date. Try these steps for effective communication:

- During a happy time bring up the subject of your concern

- Ask their thoughts and opinions on the matter

- Bring up an example that's relatable to the subject

- Offer your thoughts in a short positive way

- DO NOT start attacking character and pointing fingers (it’s not argument time)

- Be brief and to the point

- Express your thoughts and move on to a lighter & happier topic.

The Goal is to be specific and thorough but brief and positive. That way it’s painless to have conversations with each other. Do not conclude with name calling and 2 days of silence. Talk. Laugh. Love.

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