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Is Frustration Getting the Best of your relationship?


Every relationship has its moments. We argue. We disagree. But have we learned to disagree without being disagreeable. We are all different and have a difference of feelings, opinions and reasons. But knowing this is not enough to stop us from getting upset when we simply do not see eye to eye. In relationships we often times focus on what our partner doesn't do, can't do or won't do. Ouch! It hurts when your expectations are not met. Feelings start to flare, emotions are on high and words start to bruise. But wait...there may be a better way.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe your partner’s way of being creates a perfect balance in your relationship. Seriously! This way of thinking can potentially save you from tears of anger and disappointment if we can just appreciate the differences our partner brings to the table. Appreciate that they are slow to talk back, tend to be more quiet than we like, think before reacting, not as aggressive as you may prefer or just more lax then you hope.

Or to the contrary. Your partner may be aggressive, fast in speaking, a multitasker, always thinking and doing and can't stay still. One of the two may sound familiar. While you figure out which one describes your partner better also think about which describes you best.

Me, I'm a more aggressive fast on my feet, multitasker and having two of us in our relationship may pose a problem. I tend to appreciate that my husband thinks before he reacts. Does not express worry or disappointment as soon as he feels that way. Slow to anger. He is the more lax type. Our combination brings a balance to our relationship. The revelation I received comes from the scripture James 2:18-26. My husband is slow to react which in his case he balance's our level of faith. Not worrying. Believing in God that all will work out. As mentioned above, I am fast on my feet quick to take action. In my case I balance our relationship with WORKS.

What prompts a reaction from us as individuals is what makes us all different. Appreciate what your partner has to offer. Thank God for what he doesn't. I thank God daily for blessing me with the partner I need NOT the partner I want. It helps us operate as ONE unit.

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