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Love & Business Is it Worth It?

Love & Business: Is it Worth It?

Falling in love has its own set of advantages and unforeseen complications. But falling in love with an entrepreneur...well let’s just say it’s 2 for the price of 1!

Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur? Does your partner understand your grind? Your hunger for success? How do you get your partner to understand? Simple. Put them in front of a group of folks that think like you think. Grind like you grind. Aspire like you aspire. Entrepreneurs have a different way of thinking. You are not alone.

My husband and I have had dozens of sessions with couples that desperately want to work things out. The issues are very common, almost repetitive, if you will. Communication being on top of the list. Then finances and infidelity. But when we have these conversations with a couple and one or both are entrepreneurs, the topics of discussion seem different. The issues are no longer the "NORM"; like she doesn't cook or he never takes out the trash. Oh, this is a good one...I looked through his phone and found...STOP right there!!!!

For an entrepreneur couple, these are not normal issues. Please, don't get me wrong, we have issues but they are usually long term and full of strategy, analytical findings and are usually business related. We just have too much on our plate to discuss anything less than where our vision is taking us. We think long term, therefore having discussions that will impact us 2-5 years from now. Who cares if you left your shoes in front of the door again. Thank God you're let’s talk about our next business venture. lol. We stay business focused which at times can make it hard to turn it OFF!

But we must have balance.

At this Ultimate Date Nite Experience we'll be able to satisfy our business thirst with Real Estate professionals then turn it off while enjoying the company of your partner during a 5 course meal, amazing music and an unforgettable ambience.

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